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Love Will Never Lie Joy Prime Update - Friday 22nd May 2020

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Love will never lie 22 May 2020 Joy prime: Love will never lie friday 22 May 2020 Joy prime, Mamma stood in a corner, worried and thinks she must tell Mauli that Kunal knows about Mishti.

Ishaan asks about his daughter Mishti. Mauli asks Mamma where is Mishti. Mishti sat in a corner, recalling how Mamma told Kunal that Mishti was his and Mauli’s daughter.
Ishaan walked in the midst of road, deep in Mishti’s thoughts. A car hits his arm while passing by closely.

Mauli and Ishaan find Mishti asleep in a corner, Mauli notices she slept crying in the corner. Dida says she had more than six ice creams, and was annoyed after being forbidden. Ishaan says he had planned a long drive with all of them. Dida tells Ishaan to take Mauli for long drive, she, Radhika and Mishti will go home.
Kunal returns home crying. Pari was waiting alone, hugs Kunal and asks where he had left for so long, leaving her behind. She shouts at him and complains if he didn’t even miss her? Her babysitter tells Kunal that Pari missed him, and didn’t even eat anything. She goes to serve food. Kunal accepts he is a bad buddy and promises he would never leave her. Pari was now offensive, as only she could blame her Buddy. She clutches his arm which aches. Pari asks him to show her what happened, and applies an antiseptic over his bruise. Kunal smiles watching her.

Ishaan brings Mauli blindfolded to a dating spot. Mauli happily walks towards the setting. She claims it to be beautiful. Ishaan says Mauli hadn’t eaten well, so he booked a separate table. Mauli teases if he had to bring everyone here?
Pari had fallen asleep in Kunal’s lap. He thought about Mauli lying to him that she wasn’t pregnant. He was hurt. He shouts why she lied to him?
Ishaan and Mauli enjoy a drink together. As the dinner was served, Mauli notices all the dishes were her favorite. Ishaan boasts that he is going to love her wholeheartedly, serve good food and take care of his mother in laws’. She must not lose such a man at any cost. Mauli looks down with a smile.

Ishaan says he bought a number of gifts for her, but was always afraid to give them; today since they are engaged he can rightfully give all the gifts. Mauli was happy to see all the boxes. In the last pack, Ishaan takes Mauli’s hand. He wish for a happy family with Mauli and Mishti living together and come to light the lantern together. Mauli dreams of being a happy family with Ishaan but soon Kunal replaces Ishaan, she takes a jerk. She and Ishaan watch the lantern fly high.

At home, Mamma was restlessly waiting for Mauli. She opens the door. Mauli returns excited and says Ishaan gives her no space. He gave her a lot of gifts, and even had decorated a beautiful place. She says Ishaan loves Mishti a lot as well, she is happy as he might keep great care of Mishti. He will be a better father than Mishti’s real father. Kunal came home and asks Mauli if Mishti’s real father even know who Mishti is? Mamma tries to stop Kunal. Kunal asks if Mauli never wanted him to know Mishti is his daughter. Mauli questions what right Kunal had, she didn’t tell him because he wasn’t worth knowing. He neither had any right then, nor does he have any rights now. Kunal claims it to be unjust to himself and his daughter both. Mauli asks if he would teach her what’s unjust, and demands a clarification from her. Kunal says he had returned to her leaving that second woman behind.

Mauli says did he really return, he was stressed and depressed, he was making them feel as if it was a favor. She needed care and love as she was expecting. Kunal says obviously he was stressed, he had broken his relation. He needed time to heal. Mauli reminds that Kunal was dubious of her pregnancy, he wished they didn’t have a child. He didn’t want a child, and now we don’t need Kunal. They turn to see Mishti standing in the hall.

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