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Lies Of The Heart Update Friday 22nd May 2020

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Lies of the heart 22 May 2020: On Lies of the heart Friday 22 May 2020, Urmi recognises samrat’s silhouette, but then seeing it with a girl, she thinks that she was mistaken, as samrat couldnt be here, and that out of her love, she is seeing him everywhere.

Natshsa asks for her to come along. As they come out, natasha is shocked that urmi has kept such a rigorous fast for samrat, while urmi rants about her love for samrat. natasha says that she is dying to meet samrat. urmi asks her to hasten as its going to rain soon. While they are in the lobby, they wait for the car. As it comes, they get in, but just then, urmi notices samrat’s car parked in the driveway too. She is shocked, and gets out. natasha is surprised. urmi is shocked connecting the dots together. natasha keeps asking whats the matter, while urmi says that she remembered a very important work, and would catch up, after finishing it, while instructing the driver to go and take natasha to the temple to meet her family. natshsa is boggled but complies. urmirushes inside.

When urmi asks the recepion manager about samrat singh rathore, he gives her a dirty look, saying that she too wants to go to samrat’s room. she is shocked. the manager leeringly says that its room 208, and she remembers seeing the intimate couple there. She is distraught and apalled, as she remembers samrat’s lies one by one. she gets inside the lift in a daze, and finally reaches room no. 208, and with stumbling hands, and shaking confidence she finally rings the bell, unable to keep her composure, at what she is about to face. She wipes her tears, and keeps her stance. As urmi rings the bell, and the girl in a bathrobe opens the door, urmi walks in a daze and in a stance, teary yeed, with uncontrollable stream of tears from both eyes, while the girl is baffled, as samrat hollers who’s there, and urmi recognises the voice. the girl tries to stop urmi, but she continues walking. Urmi catches samrat, red handed and guilty, as he lies naked in the bed, asking the girl to get rid of whoever’s there. Urmi’s world is shattered, while samrat is stunned at having been caught in his infidel act. She barely holds onto the pillar for support, seeing her husband like this, while he is shattered. samrat is shocked, beyond belief, stunned into silence. urmi finally rushes out and makes a mad dash for the stairs, struggling hard to keep her pace, as she goes out, with everyone seeing her. She runs out into the rain.

On the road, urmi completely wet and drenched, starts walksing, in a daze, at having her whole world collapse around her, having seen samrat in such a compromising position with a girl. the memories of samrat’s infidelity continue to haunt her, and she starts connecting all the dots together, right from goa, to his infidelity in Bhopal. Her entire marriage comes in front of her in a flashback, and she screams in horror, unable to take the broken heartache any longer.

Scene 2:
Location: At the temple
All wait anxiously for urmi to return, while shashi is frustrated. saroj asks natasha, and she tells what urmi told her. saroj is highly tensed. anu and granny are worried too. Saroj says that she is very scared, as urmi can never be late, but granny composes her. Finally, when urmi doesnt return even up until pretty late, they begin with the puja and finish it.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As all come home and find the room all dark, they light up the room and all are shocked to find urmi, sitting in a dishevelled and distraught state. All including shaurya and mandira ask her, while she sits in a daze. Shashi instantly starts reprimanding her, while kanchan finds that something’s wrong. she asks mandira to take shaurya to her room. mandira complies. all beg her to speak, but she is stunned into silence. samrat comes home, and asks shashi to ask what was she doing, when all others are fasting. He instantly starts to blame urmi in front of everyone, and shashi too joins in and begins to reprimand urmi. samrat says that she was somewhere else, in hotel diamond presidency’s room, and asks what was she doing in the hotel, leaving all puja. aditi and kanchan say that she had gone to pick up her friend. samrat asks them to continue to ask what happened then, as natasha came but she didnt. He says that urmi stayed behind for a bad thinking. rudra asks him not to beat around the bush and clarify whats the matter. Samrat blames her for being intimate with another man, while all her fast and puja was a farce for all of them. Samrat says that urmi was just dramatising. urmi clenches her fists in anger. He starts blaming her for being infidel instead, and places the blame of promiscuity instead on urmi. all are shocked. samrat says that urmi is a taint in the name of a woman. She finally gets up. Samrat starts to do a drama, saying that he has been bearing with this infidel wife, and shashi instantly believes it, as samrat starts putting urmi down, saying that she didnt even think about samrat. as urmi approaches samrat, he is tensed and visibly at discomfort. Samrat starts hollering as to what else can he say about her. urmi, silent all along, but unable to bear it any longer, slaps him hard and tight, knocking the winds out of samrat, and shocking everyone else. He isnt able to believe what just happened.

Shashi starts reprimanding urmi for raising her hand on samrat, for telling the truth. urmi tells samrat that they need to know the truth, and what he was saying right now is the limit of his shamelessness, and asks him to speak the truth, sarcastically telling him to be a faithful husband for once. Samrat is stunned. urmi asks what happenede, as he was just now defaming her, and that today he should be scared, as she would tell everybody the truth about him. urmi says that the reason she went to hotel residency is known to everyone, but asks what was he doing there, and what important meeting was there. she asks him to tell the truth. He tries to mumble, but she shuts him up, asking what face would he say the truth now, as he is adapated to living a dirty life, and betrayal all the time, that it comes naturally to him. She asks him if he is man enough, he should tell everyone, wehat was he doing in the hotel, in room no 208, with a strange girl in bed. samrat is shocked. all are boggled, and shocked too. Urmi asks him to speak so that they know the truth too. diwaker is confused. she starts throwing him a barrage of questions. He begins to clarify, while she asks what reason would he give now, to betray them all. She says that this time nothing would help, as she caught him red handed, and that too in such a compromising position, that she is disgusted by him, and today when he was exposed, he shifted the blame on her, and asks what a lowlife he is, and that she is ashamed of calling him a husband. Rudra and diwaker enragedly ask samrat to speak the truth. samrat asks them if they have had enough drama, and asks what if its the truth, and still continues to be defiant. She asks him who’s he talking to. She asks the family that for him there’s no restrictions, and nothing, except betrayal, as he knows just that very well. She says that he could never be a good husband, and she ignored everything, and that she bore all his tantrums, and that she adapted herself, crushing her dreams, and living for him, just for the support that he didnt eye anyone else, and hence kept the marriage alive, and didnt think even for once, that he was capable of this too. all are apalled. she says that he tainted the marriage institution, and that this mistake finished everything between them, and that he had insulted and beat her like animals, and she forgave him, but not this. She says that she wont be able to forgive him till her dying breath for this. she says to him that he finished this relation today. urmi tells samrat that the relation between them, their promise,heir bond, their marriage and their seven circles around the pious fire is all over now. Samrat is shocked to hear this. urmi leaves to her room. samrat is still unable to believe what just happened.

Later, all are deliberating, while shashi is composing samrat, they are all shocked to find urmi coming down with shaurya, and her bags packed. All are apalled. Urmi goes to rudra, and asks permission to leave, as their relation with this house, and everyone here, was only till now, and that she is leaving forever. rudra asks why would she leave, as she too has a right over this house. kanchan supports him. urmi says that the right to the husband’s house is when there’s a right to the husband, and hence she doesnt have any right on this house, and that she would forever cherish memories with them, but its impossible for her to live here now. samrat is frustrated, but still unapologising. Diwaker says that samrat is highly wrong, but she cant leave. Samrat shamelessly says that she can go, wherever she wants to, as she is a revolutionary, but her son would stay here. shashi supports samrat. urmi says that he is her son, and needs her. samrat says that he needs his father and not her, and that he would stay with him. But shaurya clings to urmi, and says that he would go with his mother. samrat says that they can both leave then, and vents out his anger at shaurya for following his mother. shashi asks what woman is she, that in her ego, she doesnt care about shaurya, and shouldnt spoil his future in her arroagnce. Shashi starts reprimanding urmi instead. urmi hears resiliently. All are disgusted with urmi and samrat’s stand. Aditi says that samrat did wrong, but she too is acting in haste. urmi says that the marriage is over and he has finished everything, and that she cant carry ahead, with the dead body of this dead relation. She apologises, saying that she has made up her mind. Rudra and diwaker again asks her to rethink her descision, for shaurya atleast. But she doesnt respond. samrat starts venting out his frustration and deems her a bad wife and mother. As she walks out with urmi, samrat says that a woman who bears all grief and sorrows, and fulfills the marriage, for her son, not like her, who’s so self centerd. She lets go of the suitcase, and turns around, asking shaurya is his son too, and why didnt he understand the responsibility and asks if the betrayal that she faced, he had to face, then would he be able to digest it. All are surprised. Urmi asks would he have forgotten and forgiven her, for the sake of her son, and make this marriage work still. Samrat is rendered speechless. Urmi says that he wouldnt have the guts and asks everyone, if they all would have forgiven her, had she done this heinous thing, and asks shashi instead, if she would have told samrat to make this marriage work, for shaurya’s sake. Shashi is silenced too. urmi says that always a daughter in law has to suffer, not the sons, and always the sons are forgiven and not the other way round. She turns around. Finally urmi walks out with shaurya, while samrat watches them tensed, and all others are highly disturbed.

Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi forcibly agrees with samrat saying that urmi wasnt at all right in doing what she did, as she is always searching for a reason to do something like this. samrat says that urmi would come back, as she wouldnt find any place outside. rudra says that he is disgusted by him. Samrat blames him for overpraising his daughter in law, urmi, and now look what she has done. samrat tries to convince them yet again that actually urmi’s at fault, and that she didnt do right by leaving the house like this. He says that even her father would understand this, and wouldnt give her any sympathy. He says that he is suffering due to rudra over praising urmi. rudra says that they have to suffer as they never thought that even after doing something so wrong, they would have to support samrat. kanchan too supports him, saying that urmi shouldnt have taken this huge step, but his wrong wasnt small by any means, and says that she is ashmed due to him. samrat rubbishes all of them off. He says that he hasnt done anything wrong. shashi says that when the husband does something wrong, its the wife’s duty to forgive the husband and go on to sustain the relation. samrat agrees with shashi. Diwaker says that due to this only, today the time has come that they have to see this. He asks her to think of what disrespect awaits the family the next morning. samrat asks him not to bother for her respect. He says that urmi wont wont find shelter anywhere, and not even her own house. All are tensed at samrat’s callousness.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Urmi comes to her home with shaurya in an auto. she is about to get in, when she hears devi’s voice telling her to stop right there. he asks her to leave just as she came. sghe asks him why’s he saying so. he says that he is right and that she should go back immediately. urmi says that she has left the house. Devi says that he knows what drama she did, and that she has to go back. urmi says that he doesnt know happened with her, and that she left the house, due to samrat’s evils. saroj asks her to be let in. devi asks her to be quiet and not to give her hope. Devi says that what urmi has done, would cause infamy to samrat’s family. He asks her to leave. urmi asks him to atleast let her talk, and get inside. gaurav too supports her, saying that they should hear her side first too. but devi is adamant, and that life isnt a game, and asks what has he thought of relations. urmi says that she has broken off all ties with samrat and has left samrat and his house forever. Devi asks who is she to break the relation, and asks her to go and solve the problems in her house. when urmi breaks down into inconsolable tears, relating her story and samrat’s betrayal, and her descision of leaving him forever, devi acts indifferent. he says that marriage isnt such light affair, and that he didnt get her married, so that she could come back here at the slightest arguement between them. urmi is shocked at his stance and her world shatters as she stands dazed and apalled. Urmi is shocked, whern she finds devi completely indifferent to her apathy and plight, and saying that she shouldnt have any hopes from him, in this matter. urmi asks if this house isnt hers. devi says that when he got her married, this relation got broken. He asks urmi to stay there, till she dies. granny too supports him. urmi says that she wont go there ever, and adds that she cant believe one thing today, that in such great difficulty, her own house’s doors are closed for her. she says that she doesnt know if she is a citizen or not, as she doesnt have any home to find shelter. urmi asks devi whose house is hers, and devi is unaffected. as devi breaks down, annu asks him to come inside, and atleast think of shaurya. saroj too says the same. devi jerks urmi away, saying that she would go home, and that she cant live with philosophy and she has to live life in reality, and go back to her house. urmi is shattered. urmi says that she would stay anywhere, but she wont go back to samrat’s place, and if this place isnt hers too, then she would believe that she is homeless. All are shocked, and apalled, as urmi says that she would think she has noone in this world. She turns around to go, along with shaurya in her arms. Anu hopes someone would stop her. saroj finally screams out saying that she wont go anywhere. devi is angered.

Inside, while all are seated, Devi tells urmi that this isnt right that she leaves that house and comes here at the slightest fights. He asks saroj also not to provocate her, as it had led to this today. urmi says that he is speaking samrat’s language. Devi says that this isnt his or samrat’s voice, but the voice of the society. Urmi tells that this wasnt a normal affair, and tells what prompted her to leave the house. she says that she doesnt have the heart to live with this, and that he himself has killed this relation, and when there’s no soul in this relation, then whats the use, for just doing this for society. Gaurav gets enraged and devi asks him not to overrreact. Devi asks him to think that he would feel the same if asha leaves the house like this. gaurav says that asha wont do anythjing like that, as he wont do anything like samrat, and even if he does, asha has a right to do what urmi did. saroj asks them all to be quiet as no more discussion is required and that urmi would stay here only, and she respects her descision. saroj says that she had doubted that day, when he saw her with foreigners. urmi says that she blindly had faith in him, but she was betrayed badly, and that she cant have trust and faith anymore. she says that women were given the responsibility to bear the burden of relations, but till when, as one day, the burden has to be thrown off, and she has done just that. saroj says that she did right and that she wont go back. devi is in fury, and asks whats she saying. saroj says that she is right. Devi asks her not to instigate urmi. saroj shuts him up, and asks him not to even dare this time, to ask urmi to bear this silently. She asks him what kind of a father he is, as he is telling his own daughter to make such a severe sacrifice. She says that he has been announcing descisions, the minute urmi came in. Devi is silenced. saroj asks him to be clear that urmi wont do anything like that and that her mopther stands by her descision in this. Gaurav and annu support it. Saroj asks devi to remember one more thing. She says that this is her house too, and her daughter would stay here only, if somebody permits her or not, as this is for her daughter’s benefit. she takes urmi inside. All sit tensed.

In her room, urmi thinks that what samrat did wasnt luxury, but infidelity. She says that he had tainted this relation with his promiscuity, and that oen day this would get him in such trouble, that it would be impossible for him to get out of it. She looks at herself in the mirror, and takes off the mangalsutra, while remembereing how samrat had placed it around her neck, at marriage, and that she would break off everything that claims her to be bound to samrat, as in her life, he holds no importance at all. she says that samrats’ wife was till here only, and now she would live life as urmi, bearing no relation with samrat.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
samrat talks to himself, that urmi is foolish that she wa sgetting all luxuries but stillw anted samrat around her, like a dog. He says that he is a lion and is meant to be predating. he says that urmi cant go on her wish, and she would have to come back, as she wont let her stay anywhere else, and would go to any limits for that. He remembers the slap and gets angry all the more. samrat enragedly says that he wont let urmi break this relation so easily, as she got married here and now only death shall get her out of this house. The screen freezes on both their faces.

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