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Jodha & Arkba Update Tuesday 3rd November 2020 Zee World

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Jodha Akbar tuesday 3 November 2020 Zee world: Soul Talk- Jodha’s soul says that priest Badri said that your bad time will make you drift away from your own people but i promised to be by yourside, but i had to leave you to fulfill my duties.

<<<Jodha & Arkba Update Monday 2nd November 2020 Zee World

Jodha is leavinv the palace with heavy heart, Jalal keeps looking at her going.
in village, Lady i s feel like vomiting, nobody helps her thinking that they wll get ill too, her son pleads people to help but no one comes forward.
Salim comes in Dargah. Jalal ask Birbal about security of Jodha, Birbal says she is being watched by our soldiers, they will help her in time of need, Salim comes in court, he says to Jalal that i am working for betterment of people then why did you allow Marium Zamani to go, you know the situation of country, Salim says to Jalal that you can stop anyone with your orders then why you didnt stop Marium Zamani, oneside is danger of the illness and otherside danger of enemies, didnt you thnk about Marium Zamani’s life, how could you allow her to go?, Jalal says your mother came to me and asked me to allow her to fulfill her duties as Marium Zamani, it was legal wish so i couldnt stop her, if i was not king then i would have stopped her but i am king so i have to allow you to go on ship in storm, Salim says its not about me, i am warrior, i can fight with enemies, Jalal says dont understand your mother, she is sweet but she is strong too, i can fight with any storm only because of her, i cant stop her from fulfilling her duties, i know you love her, i love her too but as Marium ZAmani she has some duties and she will fulfill it, Salim says if she is working fro people then i will help people too, he leaves.
Haidar says this means we have to go out of Agra, Qutub says we have to go everywhere to help people. Shama and Nadira are spying on Haidar, Nadira tries to show Haidar to Shama, Shama acts shy and do crazy stuff.

Scene 2
Voice over says that most worse situation of was Manekpur city, Jodha went there to help them. Jodha see the people of Manekpur crying and dying on roads, she says i cant believe that this is happening to my people, she comes to the same lady who was have having Vomiting, she treats her, her son thanks Jodha and says you are an angel, thanks for saving my mother. people ask who is she? other lady says that she Radha, she has comes to help us, one man says that she is helping us without any reason and otherside Jalal is living lavish life in palace, if he comes here then we wnt leave him, Moti says i will answer them back, Jodha says no, if they get to know about my identity then they wont take my help so be silent.
Voice over says its been two months that Jalal and Jodha were separate but Jalal used to miss her every single moment. Jalal comes to Jodha’s room and looks at her jewelry, he recalls how he used to spend time with her. Otherside Jodha is not able to sleep too and recalls how Jalal said that he will wait for her to return, how he did her Aarti, she says i dont how is Jalal, she prays that Kahna give me strength that i bear this pain of separation.
Ruks comes to Jalal, Jalal says sorry i thought that it was Jodha who came, Ruks says i know you are missing her, i am missing her too, Jalal says she is gone to fulfill her duty as Marium Zamani, Ruks sys you shoudl see her once, lets go, we will go and meet Jodha, also we will help people, Jalal says but people dont want to see my face, but we can go in disguise, Ruks says i am ready to this for you, Jalal thanks her and leaves, Ruks fumes in anger.

Scene 3
Ruks scolds Hoshiyar as there is smoke in her room, she ask Hoshiyar to pack her stuff, she is going with Jalal to meet Jodha, Hoshiyar ask why going to ill people? Ruks says i will win Jalal’s heart by doing samething like Jodha used to do it, i will disguise as commoner and will go with Jalal, Hoshiyar says you cant live like commoner, Ruks says if Jodha can why not me? he says that Jodha has great heart, you are nice too but you cant live low life, she scolds and ask him to do his work.
Salim comes to dance bar area, he finds dancers working to construte their dance bars again, one girl tells him taht nobody came to help us, Salim thinks that i had ordered to send workers here but they didnt come here, he says i will help you people, he ties handkerchief on his face and starts doing construction work, Anrakai comes there, she sys to Manager that there are good people here too, like these workers who are working for us, she distributes food in them, she gives food to Salim too and says you are doing good work, she leaves, Salim takes off hankerchief from his face and looks at her.

Scene 4
Birbal says to Jalal that your security is important, i cant let you go from palace, if people recognizes you then they wont leave you, or else take me too, Jalal says you are needed in palace, you should see everything here, i will be disguised so nobody will harm me, Ruks and he dress like commoner and leaves.
Mirza says to Maan that its time to attack Mughal saltanat, Jalal is weak now, we can attack, Shah has sent letter to attack now, Maan says dont you think that its too soon, Mirza says no, we will attack now only, he leaves, Maan thinks i have to do something.
Jalal and Ruks are going through jungle, Jalal stops at a point, rusk ask what happened? Jalal says i am not feeling good, he ask Rusk to give hm water, Ruks sees water bottles empty, she tells Jalal, Jalal says ok we will drink from lake, ruks looks at lake and says this water is very bad, it will make you ill again, Jalal says if i drink it then will get ill but if i dont drink it then will die out of thrist, they find water pot there for pigoens, they drink water from it, Jalal says who could have put this water pot here? now i am understanding that i maybe rular of whole India but i rely on two drops of water, some angel must have put this water pt for me here, they leave, the spiritual soul of kid comes there and smiles looking at Jalal going.

Scene 1
Jodha is helping people for food and shelter. jalal comes there with Ruks, he looks at Jodha and smiles, he stands in line of poor to get clothes from her, In Ankhoon main plays.. Jodha looks at him and is stunned, some people says to Jalal that you are breaking line, Jalal says i dont want these clothes, Man says so get lost from here, Jalal says you know whom you are talking to, i am Jalaluddin Akbar, Jodha is shocked, people say that he can be king Jalal as Jalal likes to come in disguise, people say if he is king then we will not leave him, Jodha stops them and says what you are doing, she ask Jalal who are you? Jalal is stunned and says i am Jalaluddin Akbar, Jodha says you are lying, you are not Jalal, i have seen Jala once and you are not him, try and understand people here hates Jalal, Jodha says to people that he is not king, he is doing all this to get food, she laughs and says how can you even think that you are king Jalal? have you seen him, he is tall, beautiful, arrogant, Jalal smiles, people say you are right, Radha(Jodha) cant lie, Jodha ask Jalal that if you want food then stay in line, Jalal nods, he looks at Jalal and points him to leave, Jalal nods.
Ruks says to Jalal that why did Jodha lie? she knew it was you Jalal but why did she lie? Jalal says there must be some reason behind it, ruks sys lets leave from here, Jalal says i wanna stay here and know why people are so bugged with me, Jodha is looking at Jalal stealthily, Ishq hai woh ehsas plays.
Ruks says to Jalal that how can they treat their king like this, Ruks says they are betrayers and you should teach them lesson, Jalal says no they are just angry, Ruks says that you want to bear their anger? lets go from here, jalal says Jodha is bearing all this alone, now i wont go from here. Moti comes there, she greets Jalal and says Marium Zamani is calling you, Jalal says dont call me king, Moti tells Jalal that Jodha is waiting fro you, Jalal says to Ruks that be here, i will comeback soon, Ruks says i am afraid, Jalal says dont worry, i will comeback fast, he leaves, Ruks says it was my fault that i came here with Jalal, now i have to wait here.

Scene 2
Jalal comes to Jodha, she keep looking at him, Jalal ask how are you? JJodha says fine, you? Jalal says my soul is with you so i am not alive without you, Jodha hugs him, she ask him to leave as people hate him to core, Jalal says these people used to love me once and now they are ready to kill me, Jodha says this happens with rulers, people do this, you have to bear it, Jalal says ok lets go from here, Jodha says i will not go from here till people understand you, i want them to know that you care about them, Jalal says but if they get to know about your position then it will be dangerous for you, Jodha says i wont leave from here as my mission is to show people that king Jalal is great, i want to show that you take them as your kid, i wont comeback till i fulfill this mission, Jalal says you are being stubborn, Jodha says no, it is my duty, you said that like husband, i have come out of palace to fulfill my duty so let me do it, Jalal says i am proud of you, Jodha says i must leave now, she is about to leave and look at Jalal sadly then leaves.
Jodha is seeing finance of food for poor people, she ask Moti did Jalal leave? Moti says yes, you go and sleep, Jodha says no, i have to go to some village to check if everything is fine, i told Jalal that i will change people’s perception about him but for that , i need to work alot.

Scene 3
some lady tells Jodha to become judge and solve their cases too, Jodha says i just want to do welfare work, not do politics, ladies say that the work which king should have done, you have done that for us, you worked day and night to save us, people respect you alot, please come in court session, Jodha agrees to come.
Anarkali meets Sakina, Anarkali ask what about your house? Sakina says Salim is building house of many people, she has built my house too, Anarkali is shocked, Sakina shows Salim to Anarkali, Salim is busy in construction work, Sakina says he do every work to help us, he has not ego like a heir, SAlim ask one man to go and takes rest while he will handle work, man says but this very small seeing your designation, Salim says no work is small, man leaves, Anarkali looks at Salim, he looks at her and leaves, Anarkali says that this is duty and this doesnt prove that he is nice person.
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Scene 4
Maan says to this men that Mirza and Sharif are planning t attack Jalal and they are not letting me know anything, we have to do something.
Jodha comes in court of common people, one man says that she will judge today’s case, one man says that she is not from this village so how can we let her judge, other man says that Jodha have worked here most hard, she is the one reason that we are alive, she is respected so she will judge, all agrees, Jodha listens the first case, one girl says that my husband stole food for me so i tried to save him, he is not robber but he robbed for me, people say that punish her, she is betrayers wife, girl says for them my husband is robber but for me he is great, Jodha says according to her, her husband is not wrong, he did that for his wife and she tried to save him, tell me would you people not do anythign if your own is hungry, so for me, she is innocent, no punishment will be given to her, girl thanks her. jodha listens some other cases too. in last case, Jodha is informed that a man robbed food and said that he didnt do it deliberately, Jodha ask to call the man, the man is none other than Jalal, Jalal says my problem is that i dont have any work and my wife think that i cant do any work, she is away from me, Jodha smirks, Jalal says because of our worst king i am not getting any work, i love my wife alot, so to prove to her that i can work, i had to rob, if you give me some work then i will not rob, other man says that he did everything for wife so he is innocent too, give him some work, Jodha says we forgive you but we dont have any work for you, Jalal says no, give me some work, Jalal ask Jodha to give him work, he will help her, he says i plead you with folded hands, Jodha says okay okay, you are hired to work with me for betterment of people, Jalal says great now i will stay here with you and will work with you, Jodha smiles looking at him, she says i am doing nothing, God is doing everything and everything will happen according to him, they share an eyelock.

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