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Jodha Arkba Friday Update 6th November 2020 Zee World

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Jodha Akbar 6 November 2020 Zee world: Ruks is working, she thinks that why i brought Jalal here, in palace i used to enjoy Hukkah and here i am working like servants, her hand gets burned, Jodha comes there and says that your husband praised your food so i want to taste the food you are making,

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Jodha tastes it and says what kind of food is this? you have put so much spice in it, why you are making food when you dont know how to make it, just deny making food, head says to Jalal that you said your wife make good food, Jalal says husbands like food cooked by wives, head says i will make food from now on, Ruks angrily leaves from there, Jalal says now i will have to pacify her.
Ruks is crying in her room, Jalal comes to her, Ruks says Jodha didnt do good, i am royal wife, nobody talks to me in loud tone, how can she shout on me, i will not tolerate this, Jalal says Jodha cant disrespect you, Ruks says i was helping her only, Jodha comes there and says yes i disrespected you and for purpose, she should know why i did this, i did this so that you can get free from all this work, i am sorry for misbehaving with you, if i didnt do it then you would have to work here, Ruks says i thought you wrong, you were helping me only, thanks, Jodha leaves, Ruks says to Jalal that i was wrong about Jodha.

Scene 2
Salim is preparing for war, he says soldiers are only 4000, it is very much less, Birbal says i have one idea, we should use defense policy, let them attack first then we will do our attack, Salim says send letter to Amer’s king and send letters to other kings that we want their soldiers, i want to win this war at any cost.
Shama comes to haidar, Haidar says this mad girl is behind me, Shama is little deaf and doesnt understand him, Haidar ask him to go, i wanna sleep, Shama says why you wanna cry? Haidar says its my mistake that i got you, he runs away from there.
Birbal comes to meet Jalal, birbal says we got to know that Mirza is going to attack Agra, Jalal says it was my mistake, i was lenient with him, Birbal says dont worry, Salim is going on war, he will be leading, Jalal says i am proud of him, send message to Salim that i will join him in war, he ask Birbal why government didnt send grains and medicine here? Birbal says we had send things for this village, Jalal says but it didnt reach here, find out if other villages are not getting it too, Birbal says ok and leaves, two persons are spying on Jalal, they say this man is weird, his acts not good, what he is upto, we have to spy on him.

Scene 3
Jalal is working when he finds stamp of Mughal saltanat on grains carton, he says Jagdev said mughal Saltanat didnt help this village, what is matter, i have to find ut.
Ruks is washing utensils, Moti comes there and scolds her to work fast and she has to wash clothes too, it turns out to be ruks dream, Ruks says what time has come that i see Moti ruling over me too.
Jalal tells about Stamp to Jodha, Jodha says i will find about it. Jagdev comes there and says to Jodha that i prayed for this village and has brought Parsad, he ask Jodha to eat as he has specially brought it for her, Jodha says i eat it or people is same, she ask worker to distribute in people, Jagdev says they are lucky that you are with them, they cant even celebrate holi this time, Jodah says we should celebrate it, Jodha says can i ask one thing? he says yes, she says i found mughal stamp on grains carton, you said Mughal saltanat is not helping us so how did stamp come on it, Jagdev says i bought it from market, maybe government i selling it in market, i didnt see it, he leaves, Jodha says i dont think he is involved in it, Jalal says someone is doing corruption , i will find out.

Scene 4
Salim is getting ready for war, Arama comes there and says i am angry with Hamida, i asked her to let me go on war with you but she denied, Jodha had also gone to war so why cant i? Salim says ok i will take you on war but you need sword, he gives her one sowrd but she cant lift it as it is heavy, Salim says i will take you on war when you become strong, i promise, he says you have to take care of people here, Aram says yes, i have to handle everything here.
soldier’s wives does their aarti, one dasi says to soldier that we will wait for your return and if you dont comeback from war then we will drink poison, Salim comes there and says it will not be needed, he says throw poison bottles, i will not let you use this poison, you lower our confidence by showing this poison, we are not going to lose this war, we will rturn soon.
Jalal finds one injured person in jungle, he ask man how did you get injured, man says i want to send one message to Jalal, i am worker of Maan, tell Jalal that Maan is not betrayer, he ran away from Jail as he got to know about attack of Mirza, he wanted to stop Mirza, tell Jalal that Mirza is not alone, Sharif is involved with him, Sharif attacked me, there is one more person in palace who is with Mirza, Jalal ask to tell name but Man dies, Jalal says i will not let Mirza run away this time.
Jodha says i am proud of the soldiers of amer. Jalal says you are proud of your people and I am ashamed. Hakim is with the enemies and want to attack me. Jodha says i don’t know what has happened to him. Should i talk to him once? He says he wont understand. Anyhow, i think i shouldn’t treat him as a brother now but as a king. jodha says i am proud that salim knows his responsibilities now, Jalal says its too late i think you should go now. spy sees them and says i knew that there was something going between them. I will show the reality to the people of village.
Sharif asks a man that he need some food and medicines. the man says i need to ask someone after that you can have it all. the man goes to jodha and says a man needs food and medicines, Jodha says where is he? He brings sharif in. sharif has covered his face. jodha says you need food? Sharif says in heart you are here hat means jalal must be here as well. He says whole family is here. When jodha comes there, sharif is not there anymore, she asks a girl. She says he must have eaten something and left after that.
Jalal says i think its about to rain. All the people say what will happen now, its about to rain. Jodha says take all the people in the camps. please take all the patients in. jodha says God is testing us. jalal finds spiritual soul playing the ground, he asks him to go in but he smiles at jalal. jalal says listen and chases him. jalal says who are you? but he runs towards the forest. The spiritual soul comes to godown and vanishes. jalal rummages for him and sees the crops and grains there . He is dazed, he says so much crop? this is the crop that mughal emperor has been sending for villagers. someone has been concealing it here for long. he hears some men talking, this crops is enough for hakim for 6 months. They have to attack agra. Jalal says should i help you in taking all this? his men say whi are you? jalal says i am here to help you people. the man says we were told no one will be here. jalal starts hitting them. jalal brings them down and takes their corpses to the side. He says this is a conspiracy someone is betraying our emperor. I have to stay here and wait to see who is it. He hears someone coming in. jagdev comes in and says who left the door open? i think watch man left it open or men of mirza, Jalal says in heart i have to bring the truth of jagdev in front of everyone.
Jalal comes to jodha and says i got to know who is doing this all. jodha says who is it? jalal says jagdev. jodha is dazed. she says how can jagdev do this, jalal tells her everything. jodha says he is betraying us all. Jalal says he is with hakim. jodha says we need to tell the villagers. jalal says i can’t do this, they respect you. if you say they will believe, she says you are right.
Jodha tells everyone. people says this is not the truth. He is so nice. Jodha says he just pretends to be nice. He is filling his godown with crops. Jagdev says i gave all the food i had to the villagers. jalal says he is lying he has betrayed you all. jodha says he has seen many crops in your godown. He says how can you trust him? He is putting allegations on me. this man is a liar. Jalal says i am not lying i have seen everything. jodha says we all will go to his warehouse and check.
Everyone reach the warehouse, jalal says come with me. those crops are here. When they go in, there is nothing. people says what joke is this? there is nothing here. jalal says i am not lying they were all here. Jagdev says where are they now? i told you people that jhe is putting false allegations on me. Jalal says tell me where are those crops? jagdev says radha ji you trusted him, i never expected this from. A woman says this is not her fault. Don’t worry you are proven innocent. Jagdev says what about the 2 crops i placed here for my family. I am sure he has stolen them. He says i would now demand you to check his camp. Ruks says my husband can’t do this. Jagdev says we have to check his camp. Jalal nods. jodha says okay check his camp.
Daniyal says to salim i would have been so proud if i could come with you on war. salim says you have bigger responsibility. you have to take care of the people and emperor here. i am leaving haider here for your help. Hamida comes in and does their arti. she says your mom has been doing this but I am doing this in her absence today. My prayers and hopes are with you. Don’t attack hakim until its necessary. He has mughal blood in his veins. Don’t kill him, try to arrest him. Wear these shoes, they are jalal’s. you will understand his responsibilities when you wear them. you will know the hardships he has faced. This sword id of your granddad. he has fought many battles with this, now its your time.
They all come to check jalal’s camp. Jagdev’s men says check every corner.They find some crops under his bed. Man says look here. jalal, ruks and jodha are shocked. Jagdev says these the crops i saved for my family. he must have stolen them. jalal says why would i steal them. jagdev says we all know in the times of dearth crops are like gold. you must have planned to sell them on higher prices. Jagdev’s men says he is a thief. he should be punished. Jalal says he must have placed it in my camp. Jagdev says he should be punished and it should be decided. Woman sasy radha will decide what we have to do with him, tomorrow. jodha says in heart how can i punish shahenshah.

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